Kent County Commissioner, Stan Stek, explains what grants are available to businesses as well as how to apply for them. This mainly focuses on the CARES Act Grant but will also go over the Kent County Back to Work Program as well as other information that is out there for businesses to access during this time. Donte Villarreal from Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce will also be featured in this Webinar video to help further explain the Grant and other resources.

George Fotis, a Certified Business Consultant with the Michigan Small Business Development Center (SBDC) West Michigan Region, explains how to evaluate your business budget to meet your goals. The Michigan SBDC provides consulting, training and research to assist small business to launch, grow, transition and innovate.

Derek DeVries, Director of Digital and Social Strategy at Lambert & Co., dives into how your business can leverage your marketing. Lambert & Co. is a strategic communications firm located in Grand Rapids that specializes in public relations, investor relations and integrated marketing.

Veteran business coach and cognitive therapist, Denise VanEck has dedicated her career to helping individuals and some of the nation’s largest brands perform more efficiently and collaboratively. She created Thought Design in 2013 to allow her to create and curate the physical environment for her high performance thinking programs. In this video she will discuss how you can remain positive and motivated in ever changing environments.

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