Since 1906, our family has been making people smile in one way or another by selling caramel corn and candies. Our grandpa George Koinis, an immigrant from Greece, started his candy business shortly after stepping off the boat! As a candy maker, and applied his arts to many areas. Caramel corns, fudges, and candy apples were his specialties. We are proud to say that our candy business has operated consecutively for over 105 years! The fourth generation of candy makers are “in training” and can be seen working in the shop in the summer.

Contact:  Traci Riebschleger (616) 866-3033

Membership Level: Multiple Location Partner

Categories: Candy & ConfectioneryIce Cream Shop

53 E. Bridge Street
Rockford, MI 49341 

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(616) 866-3033

Contact: Tracie Riebschleger

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