A Dream Inspired Invention is how it all began! My Aunt Ellie was a Master Gardener. She lived in a quaint house in East Grand Rapids. Her backyard had colorful flowers that blossomed all spring, summer and fall. Her driveway was lined with beautiful pink peonies and orange poppies. I had a dream about her flowers falling over, as they did every season, into her driveway. It was from that dream that I invented Button Up Your Plants wraps! They transform indoor/outdoor plants and flowers! 3 different ways! First, no pot needed!!! Just wrap the black plastic pot your plants and flowers come in without getting your hands dirty! Second, wrap around old pots to give your plants some Love! Third, and my favorite, wrap around an existing plant or flower in the ground….Container Gardening made easy! The wraps are decorative…popular wickers patterns, colorful seasonal and holiday designs. We also do custom school and business logos and memorial wraps with your loved ones photo and prayer/memorial card printed on them.

Contact: Liz Pigorsh at 616-799-5122
Email: buttonupyourplants@gmail.com
Website: http://www.buttonupyourplants.com

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Categories: Retail Gifts & Specialty Items

Contact: Liz Pigorsh

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