A Way Out is a local non-profit organized by Rockford businesswoman Karen Grossman to address childhood sexual abuse, which affects one in every five in the pre-teen, teen and young adult segments of the American population. The group’s stated goal is to educate schools, communities and neighbors on how we all can help prevent sexual abuse of these at-risk individuals, and its efforts are funded solely through donations. A Way Out’s particular focuses are two-fold: encourage legislation that would require a mandatory sexual abuse prevention curriculum in all middle schools and high schools; and help sexual abuse victims identify as survivors through support programs.

For more information about A Way Out, please see the website www.TheresAWayOut.org.

Contact ~ Karen Grossman at 616-644-4695

Membership Level: Non Profit Partner

Categories: Abuse Prevention

Tags: abuseabuse counselingabuse preventionabuse victimscounselingsexual abuse victimssupport

Contact: Karen Grossman

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