2021 Business of Distinction Award Nominations

2021 Business of Distinction Awards

Nominee Information

Nominator Information

Detailed Description of Nominees Contributions

Please provide a detailed description of the nominee’s contributions. Explain when and under what circumstances these contributions were made. Please provide as much detailed information as possible including volunteer commitments. Please provide as many incidents of contributions as you can. Award Nomination Criteria is as follows: *** Business Operations: Activity that exemplifies community leadership and/or exceptional customer service in a retail, service or manufacturing business. *** Civic Chamber Support: Activity or contribution which is above and beyond the call of Chamber membership and which helped the Rockford Chamber of Commerce in some significant way. *** Economic Development: Activity that resulted in the creation of jobs or an increase in wealth or capital investment in the Rockford Area. *** Education: Development or participation in training and education programs resulting in a better-trained workforce either currently or for the future. *** Humanitarian Efforts: Activities or significant contributions that resulted in the improvement of human conditions anywhere in the world. *** Quality of Life: Coordination of any local project or activity that improved the quality of life for residents of the Greater Rockford community. *** New Business: A business that has opened within the past 24 months.
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