Walking/Biking Trails

Cannon Township

Cannon Township Trail

The Cannon Township Trail is a gorgeous look at the countryside. Trail users enjoy sights of nature as they walk along wetlands and meadows. The trail runs from the Cannon Township offices to just north of Townsend Park. The 4-mile trail is paved and is used by both walkers and bicyclists. Motorized vehicles are prohibited. The trail can be accessed from either the Cannon Township offices or Townsend Park.

Pickerel Lake Park

Pickerel Lake Park offers a boardwalk and trails that wind throughout the park. Visitors are allowed to fish and hike. In the winter it is the perfect setting for cross country skiing.Pickerel Lake Park has restrooms, and pets are not allowed. The park is located at 6001 Ramsdell Road NE, Cannonsburg, MI.

City of Rockford

Memorial Park

Boardwalk ~ Featuring the Rum Creek Nature and Fitness Trail. Rum Creek is a pristine, cold water trout stream. View incredible wetlands and a beautiful creek. Memorial Park is home to the popular Community Cabin and one of the finest wooden playground structures in the area, Pachyderm Park, at 220 N. Monroe.

Rogue River Nature Trail

Boardwalk ~ The Rogue River Nature Trail is a newly-finished boardwalk along the Rogue River. It begins in Peppler Park, west of the Rockford Dam. The trail encompasses 4.5 acres, and the boardwalk winds a quarter-mile north along the river bank, offering scenic views of wooded areas, the Rogue River, and downtown Rockford.

Fred Meijer White Pine Trail

Paved Trail ~ Good for bicycling, rollerblading and walking. A turn-of-the-century railroad line is now a linear Park, and an area favorite. The trail provides a direct paved link from Grand Rapids, with access to Fifth Third Park and the West River area. It runs through Rockford along the scenic Rogue River and provides wonderful opportunities for nature sight seeing. For more information on the trail, and the organization who takes care of it through the area, please go to whitepinetrail.com.