What we do

It is one of the most frequent questions we receive. What does a Chamber of Commerce do?

Our new tag line, the brainchild of the Marketing Committee, says it all. We work hard at “Building a Stronger Community. Together. We say “together” because we work with a large variety of businesses and organizations to bring many different programs to Rockford businesses and the community.

We fill many roles as we do our work: information center, business spokesperson, economic advisor, professional developer, government relations partner, economic developer and planner, event organizer, and public relations specialist.

The RCC joins forces with the City of Rockford and the Rockford School Systems to further the Quality of Life in Rockford. We believe in the 3-legged stool philosophy that says that there has to be equal support from all three areas to have a sturdy foundation and a stable community. All three are proud of the relationship that has been forged for the good of Rockford. It is the Rockford way.

The Chamber features many programs and events that follow the vision of our mission statement. Among our programs, The RCC Scholarship and Chamber University help us to further the education of our community members. The Chamber Network Circle was formed two years ago to aid networking for our membership by fostering better relationships among our members. The many festivals and events the Chamber sponsors are a boon to both the community and the economy. To help its membership thrive in the business world, the Chamber offers Bi-Monthly Luncheons and After Hours events and SCORE Counseling.

It is a fact that the Michigan economy is struggling, but we are seeing signs of a recovery, which is exciting news. Rockford has stayed the course and has worked hard to ride out the waves, and has been successful in utilizing its partnerships for the good of the whole. We feel strongly that there is strength in numbers – especially at the local level. It is always easier to join resources and fight together. We are here because the membership believes that, the City of Rockford believes that and the Rockford School Systems believes that. And that is our goal and our role to work at “Building a Stronger Community. Together.”