Welcome to Rockford

The Rockford Chamber of Commerce is proud to celebrate its 55th  year at building business and community in Rockford. It was at that time a group of savvy Rockford business people joined forces to bring commerce to Rockford. They understood the importance of making Rockford an important place to establish and grow a business.

Just like its founding fathers, our board embarked on a comprehensive process to develop even more commerce in the Rockford-area. The group established focus groups and developed a 3-year strategic plan to aid in our mission to promote, develop and offer opportunities for businesses. It is with this strategic plan in mind, that the Chamber will move into the future and develop programs that will help aid in the growth of commerce within our community.

The Chamber serves a 99-square-mile area that features lakes, a beautiful downtown shopping district, the Rogue River and the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park.  Rockford is a classic example of small-town America. Our city boasts the beautiful Rockford Dam, which features eye-catching landscaping and the Rogue River offers some of the best steelhead fishing in the state. Rockford provides a variety of recreational opportunities and hosts many festivals, an open-air farm market and the free United Bank Rogue River Blues Concert Series.  Rockford’s shopping district features one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants that specialize in personal service.

Rockford also is highlighted by a school system that is second-to-none. The exemplary public school system features Blue Ribbon Schools and a board and superintendent that always strive to be better, never resting in their drive for excellence. Rockford also features several Parochial schools and a Charter School to answer residents’ needs for their individual families.

Rockford has become a very popular gathering place due to all of the wonderful amenities it possesses. The Chamber invites you to stroll through our downtown shopping district, discover the businesses in outlying areas, explore our parks, wander along the banks of the Rogue River and absorb the atmosphere that makes our city one of the best places for business – and family – in the state of Michigan.