Lighting Ceremony

Lighting Ceremony – Tuesday, Nov. 19

I have to admit, I am getting very excited about the Lighting Ceremony, coming in November. It is always a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season. You never know in Michigan, so who knows what the garb will be for that evening – flip flops or the expected hat and mittens. Either way, it will look like a beautiful Norman Rockwell setting.

If you haven’t attended this event, I am going to recommend it. The crowd gathers at Peppler Park (at the dam overlook for those who aren’t all that familiar with Rockford) and are entertained – and amazed – by the talented choirs of Rockford High School. Director Mandy Scott selects some holiday gems for the choirs to sing – and always includes crowd favorite “Fun with Rudolph.”

A Rockford City representative will be addressing the crowd with a Message of Peace.

And then comes the beauty of sitting in complete darkness and counting down from 10 to turn on the lights!

The City’s DPW staff will be as busy as Santa’s elves preparing the City for the event from now until Nov. 19. They will be stringing thousands and thousands (and if you ask them they would probably say millions) of little white lights on every tree, shrub, and pole in Downtown Rockford. It is always fun to listen to the crowd count down from 10 to ignite the lights all over downtown – it truly is gorgeous.

So, if you have time on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 6 p.m. come on down to the dam and check out the light show! We want you to share this special occasion with us.

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