Santa Parade Volunteers Needed

Will you be an elf?

We need help welcoming Santa to Rockford on Saturday, December 7, 2013. We always throw a big parade for him, but we are always concerned about the safety of the children who line the streets and while they are brimming with excitement to see the big guy in red, they also need to be kept back from the middle of the street.We need volunteers to line the streets for crowd control, a very important role in keeping the children away from the vehicles and candy that isn’t right near the edge.

We are hoping you would be willing to take time out of your busy holiday schedule and help us during the parade. It is a time dedication from 9 a.m. until about noon. So, it is only going to be about three hours of time.

On that Saturday, we have a Security Meeting at 9 a.m. to hand out vests and radios and then we go to our assigned posts and keep the children back on the sidewalks as the parade winds through the streets, and errant cars off of the parade route.

The thing we can’t tell you is how the weather will be that day – we have had sun, rain, and snow, depending on the year! But we can tell you is that you will have fun, and you get an up-front look at Santa!

Easy and fun. It will be sure to put you on Santa’s “nice” list…  e-mail Jeannie at

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